Have you recently experienced an unwarranted deactivation?
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What is deactivation?

Deactivation is when your account is disabled and you cannot access the basic functions of your driving app. This prevents you from providing your driving service and it can be temporary or even permanent.

Common Reasons:

  • Driving apps do not provide adequate training and language barriers can cause communication issues.
  • Passengers can be disrespectful and unreasonable towards drivers.
  • Driving apps do not provide clarity on deactivation reasons and do not provide direct support.

Why is it unfair?

The driving app will usually not tell you the details of your account’s deactivation up front. Drivers have to contact the driving app’s support center to acquire details about their deactivation. This is totally unfair due to the fact that drivers are not given any context or warnings before their accounts are deactivated. Many people rely on driving apps as a vital source of income and being obstructed from providing driving services can cause financial stress and grief. 


The impact of deactivations can be devastating. Many drivers rely on the income from providing these driving services and would be jobless without it. Financial burdens would pile up and may cause drivers to be homeless.

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Driver Resolution Center c/o Drivers Union
Phone:(206) 812-0829

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Deactivation Support

SDRA offers free consultation and legal representation services to drivers who experience unfair deactivation.