Events are great opportunities to meet your fellow rideshare drivers and advocate for drivers rights, wages, and fair treatment.

Upcoming Events

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We’re Celebrating Rideshare Drivers, Riders Appreciation Day

Inviting all members of the community to join us for a day of Free Food and Fun.

June Event

The Seattle Rideshare Drivers Association warmly welcomes all partners and supporters to join us, as we celebrate the effort of Rideshare Drivers and Riders in Seattle.

In partnership with the Seattle Department of Neighborhood, King County, and Drivers Solidarity and Resource Center,

The event hopes to bring together Rideshare Drivers and Riders to appreciate one another. The aim is to Build relationships between Rideshare drivers, Riders and their families, in the community.


04 Jun 2022
11:00 am to 5:00 pm


Rainier Beach Community Center.
at 8825 Rainier Ave S in Seattle 98118

Free Parking Available


Abdi Shire

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Past Events

SRDA assists drivers by providing essential services and improving socioeconomic wellbeing.

Meeting at the airport, Sep 2018

Fair Share Initiative Pass Sep 2019

Voters education, June 2021

Organized March in Tukwila WA, July 2020

Drivers Committee Meeting, Sep 2020

Organized March in Tukwila WA, July 2020

Meeting at the airport, Sep 2018

Voters education, June 2021