Driver Solidarity and Resource Centre

A self-run resource center by drivers, for drivers.

DSRC is a hub for all rideshare drivers

DSRC provides a multitude of services for rideshare drivers. If you are unsure about which services you may need, please contact SRDA’s outreach specialist for advice. The specialist will have a list of providers for further assistance.

Solidarity Center for Uber Driver

Seattle Rideshare Drivers Association is a Association fighting for uber driver’s.

Seattle Rideshare Drivers Association brings COVID vaccine to Uber & Lyft Drivers | Somali Bridge

DSRC Helps

Family assistance

  • Housing assistance
  • Translation assistance
  • Emergency assistance

Career support

  • Customer service training
  • ESL training
  • Rideshare company policies


  • Mental health
  • Sucide prevention
  • Family counseling

Know your rights

  • Immigration and Naturalization
  • Voters rights and registration
  • Drivers rights

Submit the form and our outreach specialists will reach out to you

Contact Person:
Jewel Davis
(206) 331 6111