Know your rights

SRDA provides a multitude of services for their drivers. If you are unsure about which services you may need, please contact SRDA’s outreach specialist for advice. The specialist will have a list of providers for further assistance.

SRDA will have meetings every 6 months with briefings about advocacy to change regulations and rules. We will educate drivers about their voting rights, guide them through voting registration, and inform them about the specific times and locations to vote.

Driver’s Rights:
Has your rideshare account been unfairly disabled? SRDA educates drivers about their rights and what legal actions they can take. We believe that drivers should be well informed about their rights as a rideshare driver and what they can actually do when their rights are violated.

Voters Rights:
Voting is an essential part of living in the United States. SRDA assists its drivers by providing training on how to properly vote, knowing where the official sites are for voting, and the specific times of when to vote. SRDA also provides advocacy training where drivers can learn how to use their own voices to challenge unfair policies and regulations.

Immigration and Naturalization Assistance:
Did you know that 87% of SRDA members are immigrants? SRDA can assist you in applying for citizenship and help you check your application status. SRDA partners with other organizations to provide more resources like legal advice and education.

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Contact Person:
Jewel Davis
(206) 331 6111