Who We Are

Seattle Rideshare Drivers Association (SRDA) is a driver organization founded on August 13, 2014, to represent the interest of Uber and Lyft drivers In Seattle. SRDA was founded following a strike that involved more than 700 drivers in Seattle. The drivers were demanding to get a fair share of their rights from rideshare companies.
As a result of the strike, drivers elected a board of seven member-drivers to represent the interests of drivers and talk to rideshare companies.

Image taken by Teamsters Local 117 and Drivers’ Union
Event organized by Joshua Walter
Date: Oct, 2019


SRDA’s mission is to create and promote opportunities to empower drivers in Washington state. With SRDA’s unique approach to combine advocacy, educational outreach, and litigation strategies, along with implementing educational programs, SRDA will accomplish socio-economic change.


SRDA envisions a community where drivers are engaged and are living fulfilling lives. SRDA strives to establish itself as a strategic leader for the Rideshare Drivers community in Washington state.


SRDA’s goal is to establish a community of drivers with equal representation so that we can depend on each other for support. We are committed to our goal with the highest level of responsibility, professionalism, and integrity to improve the lives of the Rideshare Drivers community in Washington state.

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