Family assistance

SRDA provides a multitude of services for their drivers. If you are unsure about which services you may need, please contact SRDA’s outreach specialist for advice. The specialist will have a list of providers for further assistance.

DSRC is not only looking out for drivers, but also their families, we offer many services to assist drivers’ families.

If you are facing eviction or homelessness situations, DSRC provides resources for finding affordable housing and shelter.

Do you have trouble with speaking English? Here at SRDA we love to help non-native speakers with English translation services. If drivers or their families are trying to get medical help or government assistance, SRDA can provide English translation services so drivers can fully understand what is being said and get what they need.

Emergency Assistance:
If you find yourself in an emergency situation, SRDA is here to help.

Submit the form and our outreach specialists will reach out to you

Contact Person:
Jewel Davis
(206) 331 6111